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meme. [18 Dec 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Desert Eagle .50
Your Favorite Target:School-children
Your Kill Count:901,806,059
Your Battle Cry:"Who put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp?"
Years You Spend in Jail:35
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$91,371,278,824,481
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 99%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

sounds good to me.

[10 Dec 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


this should make miss cassie very happy. it made me happy!!

and an orange kitten playing an instrument bigger than it makes me squeel in delight

kitten groupies!!


[08 Dec 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:107
Quiz created with MemeGen!


[09 Nov 2004|01:10pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

i haven't updated for months. ha. and nothing much is going on now. i stopped updating because the lack of commentation. someone coment on my shitty life please.

so i hate college. but i got my licence. and i like that. i got it in the mail yesterday and i was like this is the coolest!! last night it was like 20 degrees out but my room was cozy.even though the cat took up 3/4 of the bed. which i thought would be physically impossible since he weighs like 12 pounds. but hey. and at like four in the morning i woke up becaue he was sleeping on my head and decided to do this weird ninja kitty move using my head as a launch pad and then proceded to spazz out on the floor. my cat has serious issues.
the wedding is saturday and i'm leaving thursday.(note the excitement.) the only thing i'm looking foward to is wearing my dress. and room service. i need to get my nails filled in.

ah. this sucks.



college and other news.... [14 Sep 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

my baby sparrow died. we held the funeral in the rose garden. there were many memories and tears.later that day i got two hermit crabs. their names are norton and ralph. they love me and they have the coolest hermit habitat ever!

i also started el cdollege for this year. and its fun. minus the going to class part.


boredom drives you to strange things. [20 Aug 2004|07:33pm]

i hope it hatches soon. and i hope its not the devil.

funness [14 Aug 2004|01:04pm]
so i haven't updated in a dog's age. not much going on.chris and i decided that for our 6 month we'd get matching silver rings. why we decided to start celebrating anniversaries now is beyond me. we don't even know when it technically is. odd. so anyway yesterday we went ring shopping and got pretty matching rings. yay. and we celebrated with some cheap pink champange. which i proceded to spill all over myself and his room. i got tipsy after a glass and he didn't after 3/4 of the bottle. damn. and i forgot who he was. hehe. but anyway we watched edward scissorhands and i swooned over johnny depp and in my tipsyness told him that johnny is hotter than him. yeah. and it was nice and a good time was had by all=)

oh shoot! [01 Aug 2004|05:06pm]

My Lingerie
Your LJ Username
Have you ever worn lingerie?
Your Lingerie
This cool quiz by lovely_mouse - Taken 7106 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!


i hate jon prizzy. i really do. [30 Jul 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Nemilar: :-P
Nemilar: How long have you two been dating?
Ridiculouskitty: 2 months
Nemilar: ok, now how about the truth?
Ridiculouskitty: what?!!!!
Nemilar: lol
Nemilar: How long have you really been dating?
Ridiculouskitty: 2 months
Nemilar: No, I want the truth.
Ridiculouskitty: really
Nemilar: Nope.
Ridiculouskitty: it is!
Nemilar: Not buying that.
Ridiculouskitty: um may i ask why?
Nemilar: Because I'm not dumb?
Ridiculouskitty: we started talking in december
Ridiculouskitty: we started dating seriously two months ago
Nemilar: Okay, so we're a little closer to the truth now.
Nemilar: Let's see if we can get even closer, shall we?
Ridiculouskitty: why are you asking me this?
Ridiculouskitty: this is none of your business
Ridiculouskitty: i havent talked to you in forever
Ridiculouskitty: and theres a reason for that
Nemilar: It definitly is my business
Nemilar: Yeah, because you were playing me the entire time?
Ridiculouskitty: um no
Ridiculouskitty: we werent dating
Ridiculouskitty: honey bun
Ridiculouskitty: im sorry to tell you that baby doll
Nemilar: I asked you out a bunch of times, you always said no
Nemilar: It would have been fair to let me know why you were saying no.
Nemilar: Namely, that you were seeing some guy.
Ridiculouskitty: excuse me
Ridiculouskitty: you never asked me out
Ridiculouskitty: seriously
Nemilar: yes I did
Ridiculouskitty: i didnt think you really wanted to go out
Ridiculouskitty: okay
Nemilar: I seriously asked you at least two or three times
Ridiculouskitty: no
Ridiculouskitty: you seriously didnt
Ridiculouskitty: and you knew the last two or three times that i was seeing "some guy"
Ridiculouskitty: and hes not just some guy
Nemilar: I didn't know that. I knew you were flirting/partying with some guy.
Ridiculouskitty: flirting/partying?
Ridiculouskitty: chris and i have never flirted/partyed
Nemilar: You certainly have.
Ridiculouskitty: i certainly have not
Ridiculouskitty: you have no fucking business making such comments about my relationship!
Ridiculouskitty: goodbye!
Nemilar: Don't get all pretend offended
Nemilar: We both know what you've done.
Ridiculouskitty: i've done nothing!
Nemilar: lol
Nemilar: sure you haven't

some one should seriously kill jon prizzy. seriously. no one has any business making such RUDE comments about MY relationship!!i'm tired of people. i'm happy right now.and if you can't handle it fuck off!!


dolly [14 Jul 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | drained ]

in accordance with the trend....

Your Stripper Info by radioface
first name
Stripper Name:Barbie
Specialty:u get the most $ in yer thong
Customers say:"She's way too hot to strip"
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

thats right!! i get the most $ in my thong. now is that a good thing or a bad thing?

[13 Jul 2004|02:10pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

LJ friend stats
LJ Username
LJ friend who likes you the most nemilar
LJ friend who wants to meet you hoponthebusgus
LJ friend who has a crush on you chibigir
LJ friend who looks up to you hoponthebusgus
LJ friend who you should get to know better motioncity
Percentage of LJ friends who actually read your entries - 38%
This quiz by waywardpixie - Taken 101810 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

i hate you lj quiz! i hate you. and jon prizzy. i hate you too!

p.s. start reading thr lj bitches.

[12 Jul 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | content ]

A feel good quiz by cerulean_dreams
your name is...
your eyesare deep and mysterious
your hairis soft and golden
your smiledraws others towards you
your bodyis to die for
your hugsare caring and addicting
your kissis mysterious
your loveis never wasted
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

thats right. to die for.

in other news my birthday is friday. and hanson is friday. how sick is that. sar-sar and i want to go to hooters for lunch because they have the best hot wings.i kinda want sushi though. i don't know. chris and i are going for sushi on his vacation most likely. along with many other exciting events like painting his room and fixing the door. me painting. ha. speaking of chris he met my dad and my step mom a while ago and he met my mom saturday. cuteness. then we got chinese food. yummy, i could live on that,and watched a movie at his house with the puppies. a lovely time was had by all. wednesday theres speculation about another such day.yay.

more updates soon. yep.

twister! [10 Jun 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Which Prince Song You?

this quiz was made by Selena

o man oh man! my favorite!


[07 Jun 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | cranky ]


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

edgy? i think not. and excuse me WTF!! they used "arty" twice. what theres no other ariel type a words?

and FYI....i hate acrylic nails. i had to have gabe open my ketchup packets in lunch. and hes a messy boy so it looked like the ketchup was at war with everyother food item on the table.

<3 ariel elizabeth

[06 May 2004|09:38pm]
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreShowing off
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I knew it!!!!!!!

grapefruit [12 Apr 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

another update!! lucky everyone! i stole this from my sar because its cuteness.

what's your initials? aet
2. do you like blueberries? i'm partial to blueberries but strawberry is where its at
3. did you have a "blankie" when you were little? still have one ::snuggles::
4. have you ever superglued any body parts together? no but this one time i superglued my foot to the floor resulting in a trip to the emergency room. true story.
5. have you cried over a cartoon? yeah. road runner. that damn bird.
6. what did you name your teddy bear? beary no eyes
7. would you rather wear sunglasses or a hat?sunglasses unless i'm pretending to be a secret agent then its sunglasses and a hat. yep.
8. if you had to would you rather swim with sharks, have a clown painted face for a month or jump in a cement truck (full of cement.. duh)? i'm scared of clowns.
9. did you ever kiss a frog to see if it would change into a prince? nope but i'm pretty sure i made tom do something along those lines when we were kids. i was nice like that.
10. do you prefer polka dots or stripes? polka dots.
11. what cartoon villian did you hate the most? the bad guy on wacky races or the pink panther.
12. did you cry on your first day of school (hope thats not too personal for you.. lol)? no but this girl in my class did and she held onto her mothers leg and made a scene.
13. do you have socks on rite now? no because my feet don't like to be restricted.
14. do you prefer nike, adidas or sketchers? flip-flops biotch.
15. if you were a marker what color would you want to be? i wouldn't want to be a marker. i'd want to be one of those crazy scented crayon things.yeah. mac and cheeseeeeeeeee!!
16. have you ever tried to dye your hair a certain color and it turned blue or purple or pink or something like that? of course cause i'm silly like that. i tried burgundy and ended up with this purple/red/blonde/mush mash of ugly.
17. what was the worst april fools prank ever pulled on you or that you pulled on someone? i'm scared.
18. what song has made you really laugh before? that song about peaches. because peaches make me laugh.
19. what was the weirdest thing you've seen someone do in a car (total stranger)? i've seen a menagire of crazy things on road trips from the simple picking of the nose to air guitar while attempting to drum on the steering wheel.
20. if you had to eat (an animal) something raw what would it be? i made tom eat bugs once i think.but i'd never like gnaw on a cow leg.
21. has a policeman/fireman ever freaked you out, if so by doing what? every year of elementary school. freaking guy with the presentation about fire safety. let me tell you i did NOT rest easy at all during those years.
22. do you like the color of your eyes? yeah but i'm not sure what color they really are. if you look close they're actually green.
23. when you get really excited or happy, do you do anything really funny (or crazy)? i make weird facial expressions and stuff.
24. what's your greatest multi talent? i'm un multitaskable
25. where was your first kiss? probably 2nd grade coat closet.
26. what's the most recent word that you can remember that you learned what it meant? insurgent
27. have you ever broken your left leg? no but i broke my right elbow.full arm cast.
28. do like playing ping pong? no but forest gump does.
29. do you like knee socks or ankle socks better? no socks
30. are you any good at doing "accents" and if yes, which one(s)?none. cassie tried to show me how but i fail.
31. whats the weirdest or funniest nickname someone has called you? sugar tits
32. have you ever been pushed in a pool (or lake or whatever) with all your clothes on, if so by who? no but i fell in the lake once.
33. what is your favorite kind of candy (candybar whatever)?those real fruit fruit snacks and i seperate them and everyone finds it odd.
34. do you remember where your first vacation was out of the city you live in, if so where? vermont or something.
35. if you had the option where would you rather live: australia
36. did you ever swear at a ref at a tennis match? no? actually i did once.
37. who is your oldest cousin's name? sarah
38. do you enjoy the pleasure of cutting things with scissors? yeah lol. like in little pieces.
39. what was the naistiest drink you have ever tasted? smirnoff ice. can you say sugar water?
40. what is your favorite Bible verse? psalm 28 because my nana made this sewing thing and it used to hang on my wall. and it makes me cry.
41. does your first name start with an "R"? no but it should
42. do you have a fireplace at your house? yeah but we never use it
43. have you ever ate play dough? i prefer the red to the blue
44. do you remember your first grade teacher's name, if so what? mrs.q<33333333333333
45. if were given 5 right now and had to spend it right now, what would you spend it on? a pack of newports
46. what was the weirdest thing you have worn in a picture? in this one class picture you can actually see my undies.
47. do have a james bond movie at your house?i hate him with a passion.
48. have you gotten sunburned in the last three months? right now i look like a tomato
49. who is your history hero?
50. do you like cucumbers and carrots? yeppers.
51. have you ever driven a go-cart? i think i got in trouble yeah.
52. does cigarette smoke make you sick? i'm a social smoker.
53. has your house ever been robbed? no
54. if a new planet was found at the end of the solar system and you were asked to name it, what would you name it?your momma
55. did you ever do one of those "do-it-yourself" gingerbread houses? yeah but mine kinda ended up looking like a pile of mased up candy and icing.
56. have you ever danced to that disco music with the disco light? you bet your patootie i have.
57. are you any good at mouthing to music? mouthing?
58. what superpower would you want if you could get one?x-ray eyes.yeah baby.
59. do you like your hair style rite now (or hair cut whatever)?i guess. it doesn't really have one its like ehhh.
60. have you ever read a book longer than 400 pages? yep.
61. last saturday did you go out or stay home?went out. got trashed.
62. do you have more trouble lighting candles or cutting up vegetables? candles. i always burn myself/and or set something on fire.
63. in front of your mirror, do you use weird things as a microphone or make up your own routines? who doesn't. i swear one day i was like donna summer in her hey day!
64. do you like fruitloops? i'm fruit loopy
65. would you rather get a tatoo or an earring? a tatoo but i'm scared of needles like woah.
66. what channel do you watch the most? noggin
67. have you read green eggs and ham to a sibling or cousin before? yes and in child development we made green eggs and ham. hotness.
68. do you know how to whistle? i try. but i just end up looking stupid.
69. if you could be a movie star, what kind of movies would you want to play in the most? some horror film and i'd be the chick that runs until she drops her keys/breaks her leg.
70. do you wish animals could talk? they do. shhh don't tell.
71. have you ever been to iowa and kentucky in the same trip? they're near each i used to.
73. have you cried over burnt cookies? no but i burnt them once when i crazy glued my foot to the floor. and this one time i didn't know you couldn't use baking powder as baking soda and they went soupy.
74. do you like your smile? i have the greatest smile. ever.
75. did you lend any money today? i always lend money. people hit me up all the time because they know i can't say no.


this is nuts [11 Apr 2004|06:23pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

i really hate the real world. the blonde chick is like gah i don't understand. frankie cut so they go look up self mutilation on the web. yeah because that works. these people look everything up. idiots. and then the asian chick who is never there is always the moderator because shes the only semi-normal one. condition!! its not a condition. and the blondes in la-la land. she actually says "frankie cuts to the point she bleeds." brilliant deduction watson. jesus christ. this isn't the real world this is kindergarden.


[21 Feb 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

maybe i should just go crawl under a rock or something.i'm not in a good mood. thats obvious. i'm tired and this vacation kinda sucked. i got nothing done and i was sick or sleeping the entire time.it wasn't even like a vacation. it was like being in hell for a week. i actually started missing school.i got a prom dress. its pretty. theres a picture of me wearing it on myspace.its super hot. and all oldfashion.i feel so lovely in it. my mommy picks out nice dresses. yep.

on another note....

i have like 18 million things to do. and everyones hounding me about college applications. and i don't want to go.

and thats all for now because i don't know what to write and i have a life.yeah.


a day in the life of ariel [06 Feb 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

okay so jon and i have a deal. i update he writes me a note. ya'll have turned to bribery to get an update huh? so i have nothing to write so i'm just going to blabber on about my day. so of course i woke up late because i hate getting out of bed and i stay in bed until the last minute. so i fed the cat and let him out then he sits on the steps and looks at me until i let him back in. my kitten has issues. so then now im running even later so what do i do? go online to check if we have a snow day and talk to a few people. yah. so then i'm like JESUS H. CHRIST!! i should shower so i don't smell. so i took a shower and sadly it was off to school. so my bus was late and it was cold and freezing/rainy. so then i finally get to school and i went to my locker and stuff yada yada. and wow this is boring. so cut to photo first period. i made color chemicals and john rivera got bleach fix all over the place trying to open it(he is no longer to be trusted with liquids....at lunch the other day he spewed milk out his nose....funny as all hell). so then i started cleaning and showed the boys some yoga. hawt. yoga is making me extra limber. i can pick my leg up over my head.what a sex kitten. so then its second period which is boring kinda cause its just movies and stuff. and i was tired and falling asleep but i had to fill in the ditto to hand in=( then third is study hall in cauchis room and hes like i showed your poetic prose to the ninth grades and they went crazy about the alliteration and one of his ninth graders was in there and cauchi was like ariel talasko is sitting over there and the kid was like i liked your poem. i was like aww thank you. he was one of those little ninth graders with the backpacks that are like eight and a half times larger than them. this kid was like three foot two. i wanted to adopt him. lol. so then its fourth which is math and my knees started really hurting then. i forgot to mention that my knees were the size of watermelons and hotter than fire this morning. my mom thinks its arthritis.i guess i should see a doctor. i almost started to cry it hurt so bad. then fifth is human development. with six minutes left to the period shes still doing attendance. i hate that class. its kinda funny though cause we do these dittos that were the complete gayness back in like fourth grade. like "who am i?" yah. right. sixth is criminal justice which is really interesting. i have mr. terry. hes really nice. he tells some interesting stories. smart as hell that man. like he retains information unlike some teachers. its a class you can actually stay awake in cause hes kinda funny too.seventh is lunch and all i have to say is sex. thats all we talk about. sex and my rack. and porn. lol. i love lunch.theres nothing to even say to justify that. eight is cauchis class. thats interesting now. some people have amazing poems. actually jon is a good poet, i've read some of the things hes written and hes quite eloquent. hotness. yah so then its ninth and thats when i get tired and i fall asleep on jon and sarah and x-tina are like aofnlgnhgfgohnetf. haha. but its nice. i have good times. yah. and stuff. then i came home and went to bed and woke up at nine-oh-five. then i watched this crazy thing with my brother and went back to bed at nine thirty. now i'm here. updating for jon. and im tired again and i have to wake up early. so night night kiddies.


pink....its like red but not quite.... [13 Jan 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

hi my name is mis. misbehaving. oh i am so darn witty ya'll. so today there was a "threat to the building" at school. i was in lunch and all i heard was "threat."so we had to wait outside forever in the cold. and i was with adam and the bomb squad was called in of course and while everyones like wow we get to miss 7th period adam goes "i wonder if they brought those robots." it was the funniest thing i've heard. EVER. so then when we finally got to go home and i stayed home for a while to wait for my cell phone to get delivered. then i went to andrea's and we got deli sandwiches. mmmm it was yummtastic. then i spilled my soda all over the place so i was all sticky. leave it to me right. so then we watched monty python and the holy grail and ate soft baked cookies. i fell asleep because her couch is the most awesome thing ever. its a recliner COUCH!!then of course we watched family feud which was odd cause it felt like we were home forever before it came on.then we watched 7th heaven and had more cookies and ruthie is sneaky. 7th heaven was about like some sort of drug abusive father and there was crying and hugging. i swear all there ever is on that show and full house is problems that no one ever has in real life because 1. problems of that magnitude are never sloved that quickly and perfectly and 2. there would deff be more fighting if that was a normal family. then paula dean the casorole queen was on the food network. that woman made a SPAGHETTI CASSEROLE!! that should be a mortal sin. people from the south should have their casserole dishes taken away. and then mommy called and said to come home so i did and we're having chineese food for din-din. which is also yummy. so i'm super happy even though i am not a master debater and i choked and forgot what to say and sounded like some escaped mental patient.

**mental note** ever since seeing finding nemo i remember how to spell escape....es-cap-e. that was the greatest part of the movie. and it teaches kids how to sound things out. nuff said.

<3 ariel


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